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About Page – Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast

Jeffrey Belanger – Sports Enthusiast

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Our Main Page is http://jeffreybelanger.com/

If you are a person with a short attention span or are very busy and have little time to spare you have landed on the right website. Are you interested in sports, gambling, busting the chops of your buddies, movies….keep reading.

Check out the Bracket Madness page where you can vote for the best of the best . We have had tournaments about Christmas Movies, Comedy Movies, Nintendo games and soon we will have a tournament for Cartoons.

“Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast” guys think they can pick winners in all the major sports. The key word is “think” as most of my buddies have a tough time picking their nose correctly.

The “Story Time” with Coach are interesting stories that prove Mark Twain’s age old adage; Truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.

If you are still reading that must mean you have an attention span that is a little bit longer than mine and you might be interested in one of my books. The chapters are short or have a lot of built in breaks so if you only five minutes of time to read it is perfect book where you it pick up read a section and move on in your busy life. Buyer beware these books have a lot of action, violence and few intimate encounters along the way. The first book of the series is Code Blood Red ,the second book of the series Fourth and Dead.and the 3rd book of the series Squeeze Play.